GDPR & Geomarketing: Some statements of lawyer Schmidt when geodata is considered as personal data and when it’s not

(Copyright Foto: Björn Schmidt)

When does geodata fall under the application of GDPR and when does it not? This is an important issue for the branch of Geomarketing.

The GDPR-Lawyer of infas 360, Björn Schmidt, answered this question in his article „Geodaten und die DSGVO“ published in the German Journal „Business Geomatics“ in July 2018.

Here you will find a short summary of the main points

  1. You have to take into account if the geodata describes a natural person or not (e.g. tracking data of a person vs. buildings)
  2. If the objects are non-personal you can still relate them to personal data, because of the georeference.
  3. As you can relate every geoobject to a (georeferenced) person, the non-personal geodata still stays non-personal.
  4. But if the geodata is part of a process that works with direct personal data such as a scoring or profiling of a natural person GDPR has (of course) to be applied.

Summary by Michael Herter, taken from the following German article

Geodaten und die DSGVO – ein Spannungsfeld

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